SEO, search engine optimisation is a complex and much discussed area. A few simple steps at the beginning can make a huge difference later on.

SEO needs to be taken into consideration from the onset of the development of the website. Keywords and phrases, words related to you your product or service need to be found and utilised correctly. Keywords and phrases are the words that people use when they search for a website, service, or product through a search engine like Google.

Let's say you are trying to sell a widget, peolpe may just type in 'buy a widget' or maybe 'widget purchase' or even 'which widget should I purchase' It is important to to make sure we talk about selling wigdets and which widget is best. Think of your potential customers as customers of Google, Google want to give their customers the best experience when they search so they will put the websites higher up that show they are the best widget sellers by having great information, images, videos, testimonials, reviews as well as links from othet sites.

Don't worry we analyse these words using specialist software as well as the free Google tools and take the worry out of SEO for you and your website.

Website analytics is the information around how many peaple visit your website, where they are from, what pages they look at, how long they spend looking at your website and much more. With this information we can learn a lot about what is good or not so good on your website. It helps to monitor advertising and other marketing like Facebook.

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